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How to get quality traffic for your business

How to get quality traffic for your business

This tool is very effective if we use it with knowledge, it is the ideal complement in the Digital Marketing campaigns. The effective strategy of the sales funnel. 

We find in the upper part of the funnel the traffic that arrives in a natural way to your web page.

This funnel down is narrowing and there are visitors to your page, who have interacted with your brand your product through social networks, or a particular article that have found in your blog or through your mail electronic, which the visitor has added.

Now we have the last level of the funnel this is characterized because there are those who have an interaction with your brand and make a purchase. 

Marketing Digital respond to the answer and how to get quality traffic for your business

This powerful strategy to convince someone to give you their email address is much easier than convincing someone to buy something, just enough to offer the visitor an attractive digital gift, which the customer exchanged leaving us their data. 

Once you have the mail of the future customer, you will have the opportunity to continue with it and finally, move it from the middle of your funnel to the bottom where it will become a customer. 

You wonder how can you get traffic in the funnel to mobilize and convince people to give you their email address? 

How can you effectively build a relationship with them until they want your product and take out their credit cards to pay for it? 

Let's see some strategies to establish first a list of emails and then market your products effectively.

Part 1: How to build your email list 1. Ads to attract potential customers have to be attractive and very specific. 

Part 2: Your marketing budget will be better spent if we choose the right audience with care Building a mailing list involves sending quality traffic to a destination page, it must be understood by quality traffic, that has the potential to buy and is interested in your products or services. 

The intelligent tool of Facebook makes it easier for us to send the publicity to a chosen audience, we can choose the sex, the age, the location, the marital status, the interests and the location of the target audience.

To which we will send the announcements. We have other options that we should consider, such as a landing page with an irresistible offer and a very visible registration form. 

We must be careful not to distract the future client and concentrate on the strategy of the client including their email in a field enabled and that can receive the newsletter, it must include a free course or report that calls customer service and decide to exchange the gift for leaving us your data.

It is important to keep in mind that sending traffic to your store's website is not the only option you should consider, you can also create a landing page dedicated to this task, with a clearly defined offer and a highly visible registration form .

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